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¿Why does one write?

"What is your aim in writing? What undertakings are you engaged in, and why does it require you to have recourse to writing? In any case, this undertaking cannot have pure contemplation as an end. For, intuition is silence, and the end of language is to communicate. One can doubtless pin down the results of intuition, but in this case a few words hastily scrawled on paper will suffice; it will always be enough for the author to recognize what he had in mind. If the words are assembled into sentence, with a concern for clarity (then) a decision foreign to the intuition, to the language instead, must intervene; the decision of confine to others the results obtained."
Sartre, What is writting

[Hay demasiadas few notes hastily scrawled en mis diarios, con un efecto estrictamente personal.]

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