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del Madrid Insider

Encontré en el Madrid Insider (un pequeño diario que comencé a escribir al llegar a .es, y luego clausuré por recursivo) este razonamiento. Una de las ideas más, precisamente, recurrentes finalmente tocó extremo y se disolvió. En mi breve experiencia cuidando bebés de 2 años, hice varias notas sobre los infantes que algunos encontrarían monstruosas :/. Aqui creo que las cosas llegan a cierto equilibrio. So, no os preocupéis. La civilización sigue en pie (pero, ¿por cuánto tiempo?).
I was thinking, yesterday: Is it such a crime to follow the most natural impulse of reproduction, whatever way it manages to manifest within the context of a personal story or a sociohistorical situation? Pff no. Not such a crime. But I will tell you something about the original hipocresy. To say that we stand, above all things, for infants: oh, that feeling! Such a tenderness! But the moment we give them a little love and we handle things the way they like it, they become tyrants! The thruth is that their are little egos, so freely claiming the world all for themselves (and we were such, as well, before coercion was applied). We insist in our love, while with our big adult hands try by all means to ease their energy with wich we can't keep up. Just never making it explicit that we've come to feel so offended and diminished by the way we've been treated. Our care.Their disrespectfulness. After the first punishment is arranged one must say: why giving birth to somebody, force him/her to exist, if things are never going to go (they shouldn't) his or her way? It’s better not to give them birth at all. BUT THEN, that thought: so hedonist!!!! It’s like saying that human satisfaction is worthier than all the possibilities of Life. I quit. ?/09/07

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